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Not a Normal Friday

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

It's Friday. Not a normal Friday, but a Friday which normally would mean eating out either tonight or sometime over the weekend. 

If it was a normal Friday, the family would order and be served by a waiter or waitress whom in turn I would tip a percentage on top of the price of our meal.

Well tonight, we won't be eating out.  I won't be meeting friends tonight or tomorrow.  And that waiter or waitress will not be working, nor taking home tips. 

Instead, we can both visit (Restaurant Employee Relief Fund)where I can make a donation to a fund that will pay out 100% of money raised to support restaurant workers who apply on the same site for $500 grants.  Such an easy way to put the same money I would have spent into the same hands for the same benefit:  a family buying groceries, paying a utility bill or rent, making ends meet to weather this storm.  

My mother-in-law was a lifelong waitress.  Her famous restaurant closed this week after 75 years in business.  Those tips were her livelihood, but she was the first to generously support those in her community who were in need.  For her and for all of the waiters and waitresses who have cared for me over the years, I will be 'tipping' at RERF.usthis weekend.

P.S. If you are struggling with WFH, boundaries, or parenting sanity during these challenging times, please reach out and I will try to provide support. 

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