• Barbara Palmer

We Need More Jerrys!

Jerry is one of the central characters in Netflix’s documentary series Cheer and he is taking the world by storm.   Jerry is positive and optimistic, a true ‘cheerleader’ through and through.  And without spoiling any storylines, that positivity comes on a personal narrative that was not always filled with sunshine and rainbows.  In his role as mat talker, Jerry is on the sidelines cheering on his teammates.  He hollers words of encouragement, claps, and generally whoops it up to pump up the team and help them dig deep to do better.   So 2 questions to think about: Are YOU a Jerry?  And who are your Jerrys?

As a Jerry, you encourage your team to face their challenges and keep trying harder:  to not settle or give up.  At work or at home, you notice effort and improvement, even small steps in the right direction – and you speak up.   You motivate and encourage.  You make others feel good about themselves; often when they are really struggling or at their lowest point.

And what do your Jerrys do for you?  They see in you what you don’t always see in yourself.  When you surround yourself with Jerrys, they offer perspective and remind you to celebrate yourself and your wins.  Wherever you are in your life, your Jerrys can boost you up and hold space for you, point out the good and inspire you.  And when you make strides and find accomplishments, your Jerrys high five, hug, shout and cheer.

Can you be a Jerry today and inspire those around you to do better?  Can you surround yourself with Jerrys who bring out the best in you? He has come along at just the right time, to inspire us all.


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