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Broad Perspective offers a  series of interactive webinars that help to create a culture of learning and development within organizations. 

Workshops are offered as a series and we can build a program that works for your needs, budget and timeline.


Delegation, Teaching & Hands-On Management are essential skills to build, hone and nurture at every point in our professional careers. Learn how to earn trust, the 4 steps to successful delegation, why context is so important and when micromanagement is warranted. Whether you are delegating or being delegated to, this session will provide actionable steps for both work and home.


Giving feedback is hard. Receiving feedback is hard. What if we created a culture where we look at feedback as an investment in each other, our department, and how we can continuously improve as an organization. This workshop will provide the why’s and how’s of feedback in easy actionable steps.


As an employee, it is important to understand your Why: what motivates you, not what you do, but why you do it. Articulating your vision of success to your manager to help them be a better ally is key to your professional development. And as a manager, your goal is to honor, not project, your vision of ambition on others, to meet them and support them where they are. Ambition - how to identify and stay true to yours, while supporting others.


The more you have on your plate - as employees and as parents - the better off you will be to set, share and maintain boundaries. This engaged conversation will provide actionable ways to articulate and hold boundaries, along with tips you can use at home and at work.


Clients aren't always right. Managing clients takes both art and science. Learn how to maximize value while maintaining margin, how to engage with difficult clients and conversations, and do the work worth doing. Embrace the power of 'I Don't Know' and walk away with actionable steps to have better client relationships, rooted in trust and respect.


Time is precious. In order to use our time productively and efficiently, it is important to take a critical look at the time we spend in meetings. This Meeting Meetings will provide the questions to ask BEFORE scheduling a meeting and offer tips on how to make meetings a better use of time for all involved. Learn the critical thinking around meetings, leave ready to overhaul your approach to meetings to make them "time well spent".


Starting a new job, maybe your first job, is hard; starting remotely makes it even harder. The workshop focuses on the employee experience of your interns and new professionals to make the most out of their experience. Focus & Time Management. Earning Trust. Growth Mindset. Feedback. Communication. Personal Brand. Listening. Relationship Building. Attitude.


Could you change your outcomes merely by changing how you think about scenarios and the words you choose to describe them? With a mere shift in perspective, you can actively – and positively – turn challenges into opportunities, scarcity into abundance. This workshop will give you the tools to make those shifts.


The most important meeting of the week is the 1:1 meeting, but it is often the first meeting we cancel. How can we structure this important time to be productive, quality time that both the manager and direct report looks forward to attending? Let's move away from status updates and conduct an ongoing dialogue that is “time well spent.”


How often do you hold back from speaking up and sharing your point of view in a meeting - concerned that what you have to say won't sound smart enough, add value, or matter? You may not know it, but you may suffer from Imposter Syndrome. This can be overcome by changing your perspective on how valuable your contributions are. Don't deprive us of your point of view - speak up, share and allow us to learn from you and your unique experience.


Based on the 33 Characteristics of Super Inspiring Leaders, participants explore which characteristics speak to their superpowers and where they need to do more work. The goal is Centered Leadership, connecting with self, others, teams and a world view to be an inspiring leader of people, projects or process.


We often put everyone else's needs before our own. This session will explore the ways to ground yourself, find gratitude, prioritize self-care, and ultimately realize that filling your cup first is not a luxury, but essential. Key takeaways around productivity, preventing burnout and work-life integration are explored.


What does YOUR brand say about you? Personal branding creates an expectation with your stakeholders that can lead to opportunity and advancement ... or not. Learn why your brand matters, how to be intentional about how you show up, and gain practical tips on how to ensure that your brand is supporting your vision and career development.


This workshop will take the images of play and adapt them to how teams can work better together.  Themes of collaboration, communication, creativity, delegation, alignment and prioritization are all included to have the team engage more effectively and efficiently.

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