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Target: Employees Transitioning to Working Parents

Employers are providing more parental leave - which is great - but it also reveals a host of transition issues for new parents returning to the workplace. Your 4th Trimester™ coaches new parents prior to parental leave, as they transition back to their careers, and through two months post return on a wide variety of issues for which employees often need support.  Topics are selected from a broad curriculum and tied to the employee’s individual needs and concerns, and all topics focus on being a productive employee and being fully present, without distraction, during work hours.  

Your 4th Trimester was developed to:

  • Accept that life after baby has changed

  • Complement more generous parental leave packages with an equally generous and supportive transition coaching program

  • Lower the attrition of new parents which can be debilitating to a team that 'held space' for the employee's return

  • Make a statement as to the organization and its culture in attracting and retaining employees whether they see themselves taking advantage of this benefit or not.

Barbara is a certified facilitator of the Fair Play Method. The Fair Play Method is a unique training program developed to certify facilitators so they can work 1:1 with individuals and couples all over the world seeking support with balancing the workload at home.

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I was terrified to go out on maternity leave. I was worried my teams would feel abandoned, my clients would forget about me and I wouldn't be able to keep up in my new role as a working mom. Working with (Barbara) made a major difference in my well-being before, during and following my return from leave. Her time and attention were invaluable and I am a better person (and mom and wife) because of her counsel. 

- Lindsay LeCain | RealChemistry | Working mom to baby girl 


…about supporting working parents with

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