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Target: Employees Transitioning to Working Parents

Employers are providing more parental leave - which is great - but it also reveals a host of transition issues for new parents returning to the workplace. Your 4th Trimester coaches new parents prior to parental leave, as they transition back to their careers, and through two months post return on a wide variety of issues for which employees often need support.  Topics are selected from a broad curriculum and tied to the employee’s individual needs and concerns, and all topics focus on being a productive employee and being fully present, without distraction, during work hours.  

Your 4th Trimester was developed to:

  • Accept that life after baby has changed

  • Complement more generous parental leave packages with an equally generous and supportive transition coaching program

  • Lower the attrition of new parents which can be debilitating to a team that 'held space' for the employee's return

  • Make a statement as to the organization and its culture in attracting and retaining employees whether they see themselves taking advantage of this benefit or not.



My time with Barbara has helped me wear my “Working Mother” title with PRIDE!

- Ann Hand | Tinuiti | Working Mom of twin boys and a big brother


…about supporting working parents with

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