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Next-Level Leadership

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Target: High Potential Employees

Don’t assume your leaders know how to lead.  Next Level Leadership Training is an opportunity for new and emerging leaders to follow a curriculum of skills advancement and leadership activities to achieve their greatest potential. Participants join a professional cohort of their peers to develop the skills necessary to effectively meet the expectations of leadership and advance their careers. Cohorts have ongoing opportunities to build lasting peer network relationships on which they can rely throughout their career.

Program Benefits:

  • Identify emerging talent who lead or have the potential to lead projects, clients, people and/or process, and provide a leadership development curriculum to expand the employee’s skills and capabilities.

  • Skills-based learning that employees can take back to their work, their functional team, and the organization.

  • Establish a program to invest resources and training in identified new and emerging leaders.

  • Form a peer network on which the employee can benefit from throughout their career.

  • Develop enthusiasm for the employee, their role, and the organization as a whole for the investment in their professional development.


Barbara truly helped me realize what it takes to be a leader. I have learned to better empower my teams, listen, and analyze constantly.

- Matthew Devinney | Sr. Manager, Paid Search | Tinuiti


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