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5 year milestone

(Originally posted October 2011)

It's taken me most of the month to figure out what I wanted to write

this year and today as I walked through the American Airlines

concourse at O'Hare International Airport, it came to me.  High above

me were flags lining the corridor with the pink ribbon marking

American's official sponsorship of the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  As

I rolled my bag straight down the middle it was as if I was

participating in my own little Boobie Parade.  2 days ago I had

successfully completed my 5th anniversary check-up and had been

upgraded to bi-annual rather than quarterly visits.  Next month I go

off the dreaded tamoxifen.  Every day I get farther from my diagnosis.

But no matter how far I get from the event that changed my life, the

need to get annual exams should stay front of mind for all.  My

message is the same as always:

*if you are a woman - schedule a mammogram, keep the appointment, take

Advil before and buy yourself a gift after; if the news isn't good,

surround yourself with friends and humor

*if you are a man - support the women in your life to put their health

first - they will always choose you, their children, their obligations

and the world at large BEFORE they prioritize themselves so you need

to be the one to ask, push, drive, support and love

Get your Mamms-Grammed and I hope everyone gets their own HEALTHY

Boobie Parade this year.

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