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I am...

(Originally posted October 2015)

...a one in eight.  

One in eight women will face a breast cancer diagnosis and 9 years ago, it was my turn to receive that life-changing phone call.  This year, I'd like to challenge YOU to become a one in eight in your own right.  Be the one in your group of family and friends to encourage eight women to make - and keep - an appointment for a mammogram.  Make those 8 women accountable to you for their health.  Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, co-workers, wives ... put eight women on a list and encourage them to prioritize their health.  Check-in with them - and support them as they face the outcome.  Be present ... be their one in eight.

To the other 'ones' who have shared their stories of survival with me.  THANK YOU.  I am always honored by the calls I receive - of both good news and frightening diagnoses.  And even more honored when I am asked to support a woman as she takes the path from 'victim' to SURVIVOR.

Encourage your 8 to:

Make an appointment for a mammogram.

Keep the appointment.

Take Advil before; buy a gift after.

Face any news with knowledge - empower yourself with a support system and fight; know your options.

Repeat annually.

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