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The weekend before my surgery, "the birthday club" jetted to Kansas City for my friend, Cameron's, birthday. By the end of the evening on Saturday night, the colorful wigs were distributed and I had 'acquired' a pair of huge sunglasses - both of which would make the trip home for a future costume need.

Jump ahead to Halloween and my desire to embarrass my children when I dropped them at school.  I came downstairs in said wig and glasses, as well as a very large pink feather boa.  Both kids were mortified but a little embarrassment was nothing for me. 

When I got to the hospital for my morning treatment (#20), I decided to wear the wig and glasses and make the technician take my picture.  She obliged and while the photo shows me discreetly covered, right after the photo was taken I experienced my daily embarrassment of exposing my boobs to all that pass through the radiation room.

I walked into the women's waiting room and a woman complimented me on my wig.  When I pulled it off, she remarked that I still had my hair.  She showed the short down of hair grown back after chemo and so I offered her the silver wig.  She proceeded to tell me that she had a wig but her grandchildren didn't like it - were even afraid of it, but that they would love the silver.  I changed and when I came back out, she continued about how great she would look in the silver wig, driving down the street in her red Porsche.

This morning while I was in changing clothes, I heard a few women talking and one was saying what an amazing time she had at Halloween with her grandbabies.  She went on and on to the other patients. I came out of the changing room and she came right up and gave me a huge hug.  She said she wore the silver wig all day and had such an amazing day.  When I asked where it was, she said she was wearing a hat today, but she planned to wear the silver wig again and what a difference it made to have such flair.

So thank you to my amazing friends, Gayle and Sue, for providing the wig and for Cameron for giving us a reason to celebrate.  I was able to share my flair with a complete stranger and now the silver wig has a life of its own. 

If you're going to do it with flair!

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