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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A former client, now friend, reached out to ask me to participate in her Instagram Live this week on Allyship.  Her invite literally brought me to tears.  

“I’m continuing the conversations next week, Thursday June 18 at 8 pm EST to talk about allies.  I would be honored if you are free and interested in joining me in this conversation. I can never express enough how you really changed the trajectory of my life and that’s what allyship is about.”  

For the past few weeks, I have been wondering if I have been doing enough:  enough to support, to listen, to give an audience, to promote, to sponsor. A tattoo on my foot says Integrity & Generosity - my personal core values, but have I been living the values literally inked into my soul (sole)?  Candii’s note confirmed that I had; at least once. 

As we look forward and think about what action we can take as individuals, allyship is a great place to focus your efforts.  

  • To whom can you show up as an ally or sponsor?  Do you have a co-worker that you can assure knows their value, is provided access and audience to shine, is sponsored for opportunity, advancement and recognition?  

  • Have you taken time to listen to diverse points of view and to include that diversity in your decision making?  Does your listening extend to marginalized voices, drawing others into active dialogue?

  • Do you champion in others what they may not be in a position to advocate for themselves:  identifying talent, believing in and encouraging, amplifying their platforms and visions? 

  • Have you used your access to mentor, recommend or connect others who would otherwise not have such opportunities?

Let us all be allies to amplify voices, to share in and benefit from the talent and treasure of those around us.   

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