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Best Intentions...

(Originally posted October 2019)

I had intended to send this out earlier in the month - and then life got in the way.  There were clients and business travel, family visits, the grocery store, laundry ... so much laundry.  Oh, and then every time I sat down to write this note, there were so many shows to binge-watch.  You get the picture.

It is the same for women's health.  We get distracted, everything else seems more important and life takes over.  We can rationalize not making, not keeping or not prioritizing our annual mammograms.

This year - let's do better.  Let's make and keep appointments.  Let's be accountable to our families and to each other.  Early diagnosis, information and knowing your options are key.  My annual message is the same:

  • Get and keep your mammogram appointment.  Encourage the women in your life to do the same.  Their good health matters.

  • Take 2 Advil before and buy yourself a gift after.

  • If you receive a diagnosis, do your research, surround yourself with a strong sisterhood of support, and keep your sense of humor.  

  • If you know someone going through cancer treatment - BE PRESENT.  Don't ask what you can do - just do.  Send notes, leave messages, drop food, take out the trash, raise money - support in the best way you know-how.    

Lucky #13.  I am 13 years post-diagnosis, post-treatment.  And I'll be there for you if you need me.

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