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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I’m a connector.  I love connecting people, creating opportunities, making the world a little smaller by having everyone I know, know each other.  Jobs, resources, mentors, even caregivers, and restaurants; I take great pride in connecting you to my network.

Recently a friend and I were discussing all of the random ‘connections’ that she was experiencing.  She met a person and wasn’t sure why, a business connection and wasn’t sure how it would play out, exploring a new city and wasn’t sure why she was so drawn to it.  As she talked, I pictured the child’s game of Dots.

You connect two dots for a line, but that has no meaning; another line with two more dots. Your opponent is also making connections, but the goal is to create a box and claim that box with your initial.  I realized that is the ‘game’ of my life.  When I can make those connections and bring closure to the box, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

At the time, individual lines may seem disconnected:  why did I meet this person, why did I have this conversation.  But more often than not, the connection makes sense over time.  It takes awareness to see the connections:  to realize the friend who told me she was hiring and another looking for a job; a young professional moving to a new city and an ‘insiders’ website for sublets; a medical diagnosis and resources who can offer guidance and support.

It seems the ultimate gift to share what you know, who you know, so others can benefit.  I challenge you to be a connector and reap the rewards sharing your resources purely for the benefit of others.

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