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Win Bucket

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When we are children, parents use a sticker chart or marble jar to reward desired behavior.  Do something right, earn a sticker or marble.  What if there was an adult equivalent?  

Enter the Win Bucket.  

First introduced to me by a client whose husband had just created his Win Bucket at the suggestion of his coach, the Win Bucket is a vessel in which you can collect your achievements and successes.  Small or large, collect your wins and store them in your bucket.  I’ve become an immediate fan.  

Such a simple concept, but a great way to instill pride and perspective as you see the physical manifestation of your hard work.

For you and your employees. 

What if everyone on your team created a Win Bucket for their desk, filling it with notes on accomplishments, wins, and successes throughout the year?  On a challenging day, you could pull out a ‘win’ to gain perspective and be reminded that challenges can be reframed as opportunities.  During team calls, wins could be shared.  For performance reviews, the bucket can be emptied and a list of accomplishments easily created from its contents.  This is also a simple tool to connect remote teams and celebrate what each individual is proud of and has achieved.

For Strategic Planning. 

During my own 2020 strategic planning session with my accountability partner, we started with our ‘win bucket’ of accomplishments from the past year.  Accomplishments were not necessarily celebrated at the time, nor had we taken a pause to reflect upon them, but they served as a jumping off point to strategize how we wanted to iterate and innovate our businesses into the new decade.

As this year ends, what were your successes from 2019?  What filled your ‘bucket’?  We always believe we will remember our accomplishments when performance reviews roll around, but are we stuck on recency and fail to see the totality of our growth and achievements?

For 2020, I suggest a Win Bucket where you can collect your wins, large and small, and find pride in your hard work.  I look forward to celebrating with you and helping to facilitate your success in the new year.

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