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For Now

For Now. Powerful words that help with perspective and preparation. As a self-described realist, ‘for now’ allows me to be present, but to not allow myself to get too comfortable or let my guard down.  It allows me to be prepared should circumstances change.

In my coaching, ‘for now’ is a common theme.  

  • Leaders are reminded that today’s success may be replaced by a lost client, employee turnover or challenging economy.  Maintain a long-term view, be strategic, plan for redundancy.  ‘For now’ helps us celebrate the good, but also weather challenges.

  • Employees are coached to not rely on yesterday’s wins, but to strive for continuous improvement, to be lifelong learners and to always add value.  

  • New parents who are sleep deprived or battling one of a long list of challenges with their newborn or toddler, can take solace in knowing their current state is ‘for now’ and tomorrow is a new day.

The perspective of ‘for now’ allows one to avoid catastrophizing a situation. The current state is temporary and most likely will be replaced; and if not replaced, improved.  Change may not come easily, but focusing on the opportunity of every challenge can be just enough motivation to change your circumstance.

For the leader, keep your eye on your key success metrics. Invest in your people (with time and resources).  Adopt a growth mindset to not be undermined by inevitable changes in business, client satisfaction or employee attrition.  For now, business is good, but don’t take your eye off the ball.  Be prepared.

For the employee, this week or this month may be overwhelming and you can’t see an end to the deluge of work.  Or your job may have been negatively impacted by changes in the economy.  Whether opportunity or challenge, for now, focus on what you can control, seek support from your network, and know that both situations are not forever states.  Maintain perspective.

For parents, a wise pediatrician taught me that all children potty train, eventually all kids learn to sleep through the night, and in his 40+ years of practice, no child had ever perished from too many chicken tenders.  Try to enjoy each stage of your child’s development, because truly, you blink and then yearn for the early years which have now passed.  Be present.

For now … we are all facing unimaginable challenges.

For now … it is hard to see over the next mountain.

For now … my hope is that you can find a moment of joy in each day and that those moments are enough to get you to the next.

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