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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In a culture where ‘busy’ is revered, it is often hard to take a step back and become aware of our PERSPECTIVE Through what lens do you see the world - and other people?

This is a good time of year to step back, and proactively cultivate gratitude and to be truly grateful for the gifts of our daily lives.  Take a moment to consider the power of your perspective (whether you’re aware of it or not) to influence others.  

As a Leader … your perspective can offer staff leadership in overcoming a current challenge.  Can you offer alternatives to achieve the desired outcomes? Can your experience provide the perspective they need in terms of prioritization or the ‘Why’ of the work that is required of them?  

As a Mentor … your perspective is invaluable in helping others navigate their paths to success.  What can you do to lift others up, share your experience, sponsor them, advocate for them, coach? 

As a Parent … your perspective serves to guide and create independent humans that will be equipped to navigate the world.  Maybe it isn’t as important what we have for dinner, but rather that we eat together, sharing the stories of our day, and being present for each other.  Your children will look back and remember family time, not that you opted for takeout.

As a Friend … the perspective you bring can take the form of a supportive word, a laugh, a sounding board, a hug.  The emotional connection between friends can help manage what, in the moment, feels insurmountable.  With your support (and humor), they may find more clarity and less weight.  

As a Family … we are reminded of the perspective that no matter your emotional baggage and family history, family members do not live forever.  How can we honor and respect parents and grandparents?  Can we be reminded that today’s togetherness is the basis for tomorrow’s memories? 

For Leadership, Mentors, Parents, Genuine Friendships and Family, I am grateful.  There is perspective to offer and perspective to be gained.  In every role you fill, your perspective may see in others what they do not yet see in themselves and challenge them to be their best.  This is the power of perspective.

On this Thanksgiving, I wish you and those you care about, a day of connection, conversation and contentment.  May a shift in perspective, even slight, make this a more memorable and fulfilling holiday.

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