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Live Your Values

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

These are extraordinary times.  We are each being challenged in ways we could not have imagined even a few short weeks ago.  And it is times like these that will create opportunities for us to live or disregard our best selves.

I was moved by the story of a mother of four unable to buy diapers for her youngest.  She had the means, but she didn’t have access because the shelves were empty.  The supply chain is providing, but people are taking more than they need, without concern for those around them.  We have heard it in regard to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, chicken.  And now, proven Lupus drugs that potentially could treat COVID-19.  Doctors are prescribing these drugs not for their intended purpose, but for potential and yet untested use and causing a shortage for patients who need the drugs today.

What does all of this say about our values?  Are we living what we believe or acting erratic, from a place of fear, and without regard for the greater good?

Every day I am in awe of the talent and creativity and the goodness being shared.  From the virtual experiences we can partake in, to the generosity of strangers, I do believe that many are showing up in their best ways.  I also feel it is incumbent on each of us to check ourselves – daily, maybe multiple times a day – to assure that our actions speak to our core values and that we are living our values and modeling the right behaviors.  Rather than “take freely”, I hope we can all live by the value of “give generously” as we navigate the coming weeks, months and beyond.  

“If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.”  Alan K. Simpson

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