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Make a Date With Yourself

(Originally published October 2016)

... and Keep It!

Why is it that if a friend asks us to dinner ... we keep the appointment?

If a teacher requests a conference ... we clear our schedule?

A project deadline ... is always met?

And yet, when it comes to women's health and an annual mammogram, we are slow to schedule, quick to miss.  Are we too busy to prioritize our health as we do our other commitments?  Busy is only a function of what we prioritize to get done.  

My annual letter - marks my 10th anniversary since diagnosis.  I am intentionally sending this reminder later in the month to remind each of you that Breast Cancer Awareness month may only grab the headlines in October, but prioritizing YOUR health and the health of the women you love, is a 365 day commitment.

As always - MAMM YOUR GRAMS:

Make an appointment.

Keep your appointment.

Men, encourage the women in your life (mothers, friends, spouses, children) to prioritize their health.  We all benefit.

Take two Advil before, buy yourself a gift after.

Knowledge is power. 

If you get bad news - grab your girlfriends and let them help. 

Early detection is key.  And your annual exam is the first step.

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