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My Annual Soapbox - Part Deux

(Originally posted October 2008)

Also known as "The Pinking of America"...

As I bought my pink handled Henkel knives this weekend and stocked up on pretty boxes of pink Special K and cans of pink Campbell's soup, I was reminded again that it is breast cancer awareness month.  I actually don't need all of this pink to remember - a mere look in the mirror each day is my reminder.  It was 2 years ago that I was diagnosed and underwent treatment for 'the best possible form' of breast cancer.  So while the 'pinking of America' is good for donations to worthwhile research causes - I prefer to take a more direct approach with those that I care about.

If you are a woman - CONDUCT monthly self-exams, SCHEDULE an annual mammogram, KEEP your appointment, take 3 Advil before, and buy yourself a gift after.

If you are a man - TELL the women in your life (wives, sisters, friends) to SCHEDULE a mammogram and KEEP their appointment.  Remind them that their good health is a gift they can give to you. 

This is a treatable disease.  Early detection is key. 

So every time you see pink this month - remind yourself to Mamm your Grams. 

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