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Pink Month (2010)

(Originally posted October 2010)

I preach once a year to those I care about - so here goes.

Everything is being 'pinked' this month (even Eggland's Best Eggs have a little pink ribbon design stamped on the shell) so that we are all aware of our breasts.  Well as you all know - I am hyper-aware.  But the awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer should be every month (monthly exams) and at least once a year (annual mammograms) and not just in the month of October. 

Since last year when I "outed" all of the women that had been touched by this disease, I have been contacted by so many of you to tell me how you have been personally affected:  as survivors or as family supporters; and I have been contacted by even more of you that were experiencing a scare (an abnormal mammogram that required additional films or a biopsy).  I am honored that you have shared your stories or invited my support as you faced what lay ahead.  The message to me is that this disease is too widespread and too many people are being touched.  So be vigilant:

*  conduct monthly exams

*  get your mamms grammed - schedule an annual mammogram and keep that appointment (I know how easy it is to reschedule it)

*  face any news by educating yourself and surrounding yourself with a support system

*  if you are a man, encourage the women in your life to prioritize their health

To everyone that ran, walked or raised funds for research and a cure this year - THANK YOU.  I am personally grateful for your time and dedication.

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