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Rough Week

It’s been a hard week.  For a lot of people, for many different reasons, this week has been tough. Life, home, work, the world - it all feels heavy.  And this week it all seemed to land on each of our collective shoulders. 

I have no wisdom, but I do have a great (albeit a little long) article that I truly encourage you to find time and space to read.  The estimate is 15 minutes.  I have shared this with a lot of people this month, so this may be a gentle reminder to some to take time to prioritize this read.

My suggestion over the next few days is to do just that:  take time.  Time to be quiet, to unplug, to disconnect in order to recharge.  Time to connect with people you love and care about, and be of service to them.  Time to see the world through your child’s eyes, to have empathy and compassion for others, boundless energy to marvel at nature. Time to laugh – that deep belly laugh where you think your face may break.  Time for you.

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