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Shared Wisdom

Shared Wisdom. There is so much to learn and re-learn, and I find myself consuming as much content as I possibly can – to educate myself and do better with the knowledge gained.

A colleague shared an article she wrote recently that was part of my education on the challenges Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders face in culture and communities. It is not my story to tell or retell, but I do aspire to be an ally and share my audience with friends and colleagues to contribute their perspectives, insights and experiences.

In order for our kids to dream big and know no bounds, they need to be exposed to role models, success stories, and opportunities where they see others that look like them. Representation matters. And Winnie Cheung’s article for Kidscreen outlines steps we need to take to counter discrimination among non-Asian communities.

I invite you to read Rebuilding the Asian American story for next-gen kids and apply the wisdom to your business and personal life.

Are you exposing yourself and your family to multicultural stories, content, and points of view? Are the books you read, the tv you watch, the social media you consume all created by like-minded and like-looking creators? Is there diversity in your hires and around the table where decisions are made? Are you creating opportunities in an equitable way so that leadership looks and sounds different and celebrates truly diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures and ethnicities?

“Different” can challenge us and expose us – in the best possible ways. Challenges create opportunities. Growth happens as we learn.

Thank you, Winnie, for sharing your wisdom.

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