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Today I Noticed

Today I Noticed.  I don’t consider myself a particularly mindful person:  no yoga or journaling practice; I fail miserably at meditation.  I believe in the pause, taking a breath, responding rather than reacting, but I don’t have a regular mindfulness routine.

As I arrived at my current nomad location (update:  I have decided to continue this way of life until the fall), my wonderful host had left me the book Today I Noticed, a Little Book of Mindfulness That Will Change the Way You See the World.  It is about noticing the moments in life that can make you ponder, giggle, and enrich your day.

I realized that I actually do have a few practices that I recommend to clients that were worth sharing.  

I am…  

  • I start and end longer format trainings with this open-ended prompt.  In our ‘back-to-back’ frenzied work culture, taking a moment for everyone to ground themselves and be present can change the energy of the meeting, with more productive outcomes.  When you first gather, center everyone by asking them to finish the I am… statement (to themselves) and to leave where they were behind.  Then move into the agenda.  Do the same at the end for participants to recognize the growth of that time together.    

One good thing

  • Save the last 5 minutes of each day to recognize one good thing that happened.  Before you transition from work to children, family or self-care, wrap up the workday on a high note.  By identifying that one good thing, you leave the challenges of the day behind and bring your best self to the rest of your day.  For parents in particular, this allows you to be more present and not carry the burden of the day into the precious hours of caregiving.

Win Bucket

  • A win bucket or smile file is a place to save accolades, positive feedback and successes.  It is a tool to focus on the half full.  Change your perspective to your wins rather than ruminating on the challenges.  When you have a rough day, look back at the feedback you received and realize this is a moment and not a state of being.

Today I Noticed

  • The newest tool in my arsenal.  Noticing sounds, smells and feelings can create a necessary pause.  The power of a smile from a stranger or how your heart jumps when you pet a dog.  “Even in challenging times, we can find joy in the little things.”

Today I noticed, that I don’t need to have something brilliant to say to write a short blog…

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