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Words. I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions and despite all of the people that do, there is data that suggests that by the middle of January, most resolutions have been abandoned. Rather than resolve to make big bold changes, changes that come to intimidate or burden, I prefer to set an intention around a word and let that word provide guidance and help me grow throughout the year.

For nearly a decade, I have subscribed to the Word of the Year process – a chance to reflect and find a word that both inspires and challenges me to evolve. It is amazing how a single word can become a north star - a word to guide and keep me grounded, reminding me of where I wanted to go as I take the path toward achievement, and bring me back to that path should I stray.

Over the past year, I utilized words in a new and different way. Each week, I gathered virtually with a group of women to discuss one word for one hour. The conversation always took us in new and different directions based on the participants, their perspective, their ‘read’ on the word, and how it drew upon our diverse experiences and backgrounds. It was amazing to see how a single word could land so differently for each person in attendance. As a ‘word person’, this social event allowed me to CONNECT (one of my words for 2021) with others, with the word, and with a new way of thinking and applying the perspectives of others.

In considering my word for 2022, I was drawn to words such as harvest and cultivate which visually tied back to reaping the bounty of seeds planted. I was inspired by and was trying to capture the growth that this year will require – professionally, but also (hopefully) personally. In considering and sitting with my word choices, I realized that while some of the seeds have been planted, many had not yet been nurtured. So, I have made a SHIFT (last year's word) to EXPAND - expand my thoughts, expand my learning, education and resources, expand my business and offerings, and in doing so, expand my reach. For now, this is my word, but the process can take days or a few weeks to find the word that really captures where you want to go. In the end, I want a word that will keep me on track, challenge me, inspire me, and keep me focused. A word worthy of the Word of the Year designation.

Would you like to share your word so I can help keep you accountable and on track? Send it through!

Would you like help determining your word? Here are some tips on how to get started or get in touch, I would be happy to help you through the process.

However you get there – may you be successful in your endeavors and motivated for a new year that helps you achieve success in whatever form you need.

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